Our partner program

Esri Malaysia works collaboratively with local organisations to offer value-added solutions and services that helps users address a myriad of business challenges.

As an Esri Malaysia authorised partner, organisations are able to:

  • Work with Esri Malaysia’s team of specialists to jointly collaborate, develop, and plan winning go-to-market solutions

  • Deliver new value to more markets and industries, thereby expanding your user base

  • Explore new markets with Esri's global and local customer network

  • Expand commercial or brand exposure through co-marketing engagements

For more information on the Esri Malaysia partner program, contact us on +60 (3) 5022 0122

Esri Malaysia | Authorised Partner

Our authorised partners

AccelTeam Sdn BhdAccelTeam Sdn Bhd

AccelTeam, which has continuously grown for the past twenty years, is a leading provider of data-driven analytics solution in the region.

At the core of our business and organisation, it is our utmost priority to have close collaboration with the team to create business values that solve customers’ business challenges.

We constantly challenge ourselves in how we can use data-driven analytics to help customers to extract value, provide insights to drive positive changes and improve their decision-making.

With a team of highly experienced consultants, AccelTeam strives to lead in the New Age of Intelligence offering a whole new view of business intelligence, transforming the way people view their business operations and making their day-to-day decisions.

To learn more about AccelTeam Sdn Bhd visit accelteam.com

Alami Informasi Sdn Bhd (ALAMI)Alami Informasi Sdn Bhd (ALAMI)

Alami Informasi Sdn. Bhd. (ALAMI) is a full-fledged IT company with an expertise in geospatial application, web-based application development, and IT support services. We focus explicitly on development of geospatial solutions and Semantic technology.

In addition to the conventional IT implementation and information management services, we provide geospatial-based solution and information integration to enable the use of GIS functionalities without requiring users to deal with the complexity of geospatial application development.

Our offerings include 3D virtual reality and geo-visual analytics for real time data

To learn more about Alami Informasi Sdn Bhd (ALAMI) visit alami.my

EARTH Info Sdn BhdEARTH Info Sdn Bhd

The founders of EARTH Info Sdn Bhd have been actively promoting, selling, applying and supporting Esri technology since 1991. With over 26 years of experience, EARTH Info today provides complete geospatial solutions comprising of:

  1. Esri's full range of ArcGIS software and services
  2. Aerial digital imaging & mapping solutions & services including UAS
  3. Remote sensing software, satellite imageries and services
  4. Global positioning systems
  5. Geospatial application development including 3D in client/server, web/cloud and/or mobile (iOS & Android) environment
  6. LiDAR & 3D scanning and virtualisation

To learn more about EARTH Info Sdn Bhd visit earthinfo.com.my

Geo Spatial Solutions Sdn Bhd

Geo Spatial Solutions Sdn Bhd

Geo Spatial Solutions Sdn Bhd was established in 2006, and with a team of expertise in land surveying, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping & remote sensing specialists, GSS has become the best-in-class provider of complete, efficient and cost-effective solutions such as:

  • Field to Finish (F2F) Surveying
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Remote Sensing Application and Services
  • Other geospatial solutions

It has also successfully delivered solutions for the C-Astral (Bramor Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle) and Davis (weather equipment) projects.

GeoInfo Services Sdn BhdGeoInfo Services Sdn Bhd

GeoInfo Services Sdn. Bhd. was established in 1995 to participate in the development of the geospatial industry in Malaysia.

GeoInfo emphasises on the technologies related to GIS, GPS, Land Surveying and Remote Sensing (also known as Geospatial Technology).

GeoInfo Services Sdn. Bhd. integrates Geospatial Solutions with information and communication Technology.

To learn more about GeoInfo Services Sdn Bhd visit geoinfo.com.my

MAP2U Sdn BhdMAP2U Sdn Bhd

In this technology driven century, Geographical Information System (GIS) has always been the cornerstone and a vital tool for effective decisions.

Here at MAP2U, we strive to consistently expand the GIS industry with our expertise to meet the changing needs of our clients by working and venturing together in a sustainable manner to guarantee the benefits of the future generation. Hence, making GIS grows, together.

To learn more about MAP2U Sdn Bhd visit map2u.com.my

Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS)Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS)

With over 26 years of proven track record and extensive skills in providing digital technology and software solutions, enterprise network infrastructure, security and end-to-end ICT services, SAINS is widely recognized as a leading provider of world-class digital solutions by our customers.

We strive to provide excellence in best business practices and international quality service standards. In fulfilling our commitment to the Sarawak Government, SAINS operates a 24x7 Malaysia-wide Call Centre service as well as a pair of Data Centres hosting more than 200 different critical Business Applications, Hardware and Network Support for approximately 20,000 dedicated users.

To learn more about Sarawak Information Systems Sdn. Bhd. (SAINS) visit sains.com.my


STATWORKS, a leading Next Generation Computational Analytics company, was formed to specifically address the growing market for solutions based on computational analytics technology.

STATWORKS has expanded rapidly to include a wide range of high quality computational analytics software, handheld technology and business intelligence solution for various industries.

To learn more about STATWORKS Sdn Bhd visit statwks.com

SUNData Sdn Bhd SUNData Sdn Bhd

UNdata Sdn Bhd is a wholly-owned bumiputera company that started its operations back in 2005. We started as a humble supplier of various ink and toner cartridges from major brands such as Hewlett Packard, Canon, Lexmark, Epson, Fuji Xerox etc.

We’ve now grown into an enterprise solutions company as well as GIS and IT System Integration to provide our client total solution of IT needs – catering to both public and private sectors.

To learn more about SUNData Sdn Bhd visit sundata.my

Autodesk & Esri partnership

Autodesk and Esri are working together to integrate the world’s leading GIS technology and BIM infrastructure design tools. 

ArcGIS Marketplace

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