EMUC 2018 abstracts

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Morning plenary
Best practice planning and managing of operations in 3D
Azlina Mahad, Solution Architect and Lo Kit Yeng, Solution Consultant, Esri Malaysia

Around the world, organisations use GIS to visualise the built environment, make smarter plans, engage stakeholders and foster vibrant communities. Government leaders, partners and citizens increasingly expect access to engaging online maps of their community to convey planning information in an easy-to-understand way. In this keynote, Azlina Mahad and Lo Kit Yeng will showcase an approach to 3D operations including a sneak peek of ArcGIS Urban – a brand new initiative set to transform the way we orchestrate city development through web-based and desktop tools to make planning more creative, collaborative and productive.

An exciting new era for infrastructure design
Aswadi Yusof, Senior Manager, Planning and Department, MRT Corp

The SSP Line Geospatial portal is the first cloud-based GIS deployment in Asia to fully integrate with BIM and Reality Modelling into ArcGIS Portal. The project supports the construction of the MRT Sungai Buloh-Serdang-Putrajaya Line (SSP Line), targeted for completion in 2022.

The line will serve a corridor with a population of around 2 million people stretching from Sungai Buloh to Putrajaya, comprising 37 stations, 11 of them underground.

Through the SSP Line Geospatial Portal, project planners and engineers have access to the most up-to-date and accurate topographic, geology, structure and environment information during planning and design stages, better decision-making, enhanced project execution and reduced risks exposure.

MRTC also utilised Esri’s 3D Web Scene to host 3D Reality Modelling created using a fusion of aerial imagery and BIM models. The 3D view also allows engineers to access, inspect and visualise site incidents.

Driving modernisation of Malaysia's sewerage services
Ir. Mohd Adnan Md Dom, Head of Department Planning and Engineering Department, Indah Water Konsortium (IWK)

This presentation reveals how IWK migrated a GIS database to a new GIS platform compatible with existing IWK architecture. The new centralised enterprise geo-centric database effectively manages IWK assets and integrates sewerage water utilities information.

The solution takes advantage of an enterprise geodatabase structure scalable to any size, able to support any number of users and run on computers of any size and configuration to ensure data integrity, accuracy and consistency. The Sewerage Utility Map Viewer allows users to visualise and analyse asset data, with the capability to simulate sewer blockage and identify potential affected assets. As a result of the new GIS database results, IWK delivers better awareness and enables faster decision-making.

Fostering an engaged community
Fahmi Razali, Solution Specialist, Esri Malaysia

In recent years we have seen a focus from Esri on tools to enhance the way we collaborate across organisations and engage with community. Join Fahmi Razali as he looks at the evolution of ArcGIS Online, Open Data and ArcGIS Hub, providing a two-way engagement platform to connect government and citizens.

WebGIS: Let's get started
Will Phua, Solution Consultant, Esri Malaysia

The future of geospatial technology is built upon WebGIS but don’t think it's just about putting data on a map. In this session, Will Phua will share a practical best-practice approach to ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online covering technology to design guidelines for building usable web applications.

Drive time analysis in real-time: enhanced transport logistics for Australia Post
Oliver Marc, Sales Director South East Asia, HERE

Discover how Esri ArcGIS users can make the most of Esri’s Network Analyst extension by combining it with HERE’s traffic suite to create smarter routes and more realistic drive-time analyses. This presentation will look at how Australia Post integrates HERE Traffic Network Dataset integrated into the ArcGIS Network Analyst Dataset by local Partner NAVIGATE to calculate an accurate costing model when tendering for courier services. “The HERE Traffic data provides travel times for a typical day, which is the most accurate approach for modelling the cost of transport services throughout the year,” says Stephen Lamble, National GIS controller at Australia Post.

Using both Esri technology and HERE data, vehicle routes can be calculated more efficiently in both peak and non-peak traffic conditions. Through this approach Transport Logistics or Emergency Service providers in Malaysia can improve the efficiency and accuracy of their services which are critical on an everyday basis.

Enhanced productivity through integrated BIM and GIS workflows
N.V. Kumaran, Lead BIM GIS Specialist, Statworks Technology Sdn Bhd

The construction and development sector is always seeking new ways to improve efficiency while delivering above and beyond clients’ expectations. This presentation will look at an initiative at Statworks Technology to integrate (Building Information Modelling ) BIM with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.

The session will visualise how data from GIS flows into the BIM process, and how to manage the data throughout the entire project lifecycle. The processes applied by Statworks Technology increases productivity and efficiency, reducing development time and cutting project delivery time, allowing the company to deliver projects of any size within time and budget.

ArcGIS ecosystem to connect farmers of Bangladesh
Sunbeam Rahman, Advanced Chemical Industries

The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) initiated a project called Intelligent Decision Support Systems (IDSS) for Farmers under its global initiative called Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW).

Under this project a small team of Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI), in Dhaka is working to democratise spatial information to rice paddy farmers in Bangladesh. The project uses Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 satellite information to assess pest and disease forecast which can be disseminated using ArcGIS Enterprise. For the first-time farmers can see the disease and pest vulnerabilities of their lands through smartphones. Producers, retailers and policy makers are sharing a common space where everyone is spatially connected.

This access to this common locational intelligence platform utilising remote sensing and SAR imagery can alert farmers to potential disease or pest threats, forecasts for floods or climatic anomalies before they occur.

Conducting your workforce with Esri’s symphony of apps
Fatin Rahayu, Solution Consultant, Esri Malaysia

Moving GIS information and tasks to the field can improve processes, streamline field operations, optimise resources, reduce paperwork and reduce waste. Join Fatin Rahayun as she shares her top tips for empowering your staff with the right data collection application they need to make the right decision, every time.

Jabatan Kerja Raya Sabah's road to GIS success
Mr Leong Shing Yau@ Saifuddin, Principal Assistant Director, Road Maintenance Branch

This session looks at the application of an Asset Location Referencing System (ALRS) in road management and maintenance, and how an ALRS road map improves quality of life for the community.

The initiative developed and established an ALRS JKR Sabah road network basemap for the department and community using a basic enterprise GIS database system. The ALRS road map streamlines JKR Sabah’s management and works processes through visualising, sharing, analysing and monitoring road assets and data.

The ALRS road map allows the community to understand and share information through apps in an easy-to-understand format and enables smarter maintenance planning through a road inspection app.

GeoDeveloper masterclass
Moey Min Ken, Senior Solution Specialist, Esri Malaysia

ArcGIS provides many developer tools for you to customise web, mobile, and desktop GIS applications. Join Moey Min Ken as he runs through the options available to create and manage apps including mapping, visualisation and analysis, available to everyone – regardless of  developer experience.

ArcGIS Pro: Future mapping now
Ili'aainaa Yaakop, Training Lead, Esri Malaysia

ArcGIS Pro is the foundation tool for desktop users, provding a greater ability to manage, create and share data across organisations. Join Ili'aainaa Yaakop she guides you through the best approach for working with ArcGIS Pro, and explores the latest features from ArcGIS Pro 2.2.

Geospatial support in search and rescue operations during flood disasters
Brig Jen Sr Dr Mohd Zambri bin Mohamad Rabab, Director of Defence Geospatial Division, The Department Survey and Mapping Malaysia Defence Geospatial Division

This presentation will demonstrate the capabilities of the ArcGIS portal adopted by Bahagian GeoSpatial Pertahanan (BGSP) to support search and rescue operations during flood disasters.

The portal enhances the collaboration between agencies engaged during flood disasters to improve data visibility shared among respective organisations.

This outcome of this initiative proves that by tailoring the right technology to specific requirements, stakeholders are empowered to make fast, reliable decisions.

Picture perfect imagery using Drone2Map
Wan Mohamad Nazmeen, Solution Consultant, Esri Malaysia

Drone2Map for ArcGIS streamlines the creation of professional imagery products from drone-captured still imagery for visualisation and analysis in ArcGIS. Join Wan Nazeem as he demonstrates the latest in imagery from ArcGIS allowing you to derive new understanding from existing data by creating visually rich analytic maps for insight and knowledge.  

Insights for ArcGIS-driven decisions
Will Phua, Solution Consultant, Esri Malaysia

ArcGIS provides the platform to share secure sensitive information derived from your analysis across your organisation. Join Will Phua as he showcases Operations and Dashboard and Insights for ArcGIS, which gives access to self-service spatial analytics to anyone in your organisation and provides intuitive and agile intelligence from integrated sources of data for everyone.

Afternoon plenary
ArcGIS: The road ahead
Amir Faisal, Solution Consultant and Firdaus Asri, Solution Architect, Esri Malaysia

ArcGIS provides the common digital and data platform to operate reliable, resilient and secure systems that raise the nation’s digital capabilities to pursue innovation. In this keynote presentation, Firdaus Asri and Amir Faisal will showcase the latest in ArcGIS and provide a sneak peek into what's next.

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