Mapping and charting solutions 

Geographic Information System (GIS) technology enables mapping and charting experts to produce professional, accurate, standardised maps from their libraries of data.

GIS technology provides a unified approach for collecting, managing, producing and sharing geographic information – enabling organisations to:

  • Produce geospatial and cartographic products while adhering to industry requirements
  • Streamline data creation and maintenance
  • Reduce map production costs
  • Produce high-quality cartographic products
  • Track the status and progress of jobs through their complete life cycles

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3D mapping - Singapore

The urban planning trend transforming city design

Read how Singapore’s national 3D mapping project is helping shape a whole-of-government Smart National initiative – designed to improve risk management, facilitate collaboration and enhance decision-making.

3D modelling

Ensure a positive future is by your design

Learn from the experiences of the Hong Kong Housing Authority, who have increased the supply of affordable housing to low-income families by utilising advanced 3D modelling.

JUPEM earns global recognition for latest geospatial project

JUPEM earns global recognition for latest geospatial project

JUPEM has received a prestigious Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award for their efforts to promote the use of geospatial information in Malaysia through a ground-breaking project called Geospatial Data Acquisition System.

South Australia Water

National mapping in the 21st century

National mapping agencies like Netherlands’ Kadaster and Switzerland’s swisstopo have realised the cost and time benefits of leveraging ArcGIS for map production – helping them effectively deliver quality products to customers.