Get where you need to be

Navigator for ArcGIS is a mobile app that unlocks efficiency and improves reliability by directing your field workforce to where it needs to be. Use data provided, or upload your own data, to search and navigate directly to your organisation's assets. Interact seamlessly with Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, Workforce for ArcGIS and other apps, and get reliable directions even when disconnected.

Industry-leading navigation capabilities

Use your own data

Navigate on your custom map, displaying your own layers, searching specific features, and routing on your roads.

Work offline

Use data provided, or your own custom data. Maps are native to your device, so even when you're offline, you can stay productive.

Work with other apps

Navigator for ArcGIS works seamlessly with Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, Workforce for ArcGIS, and even custom apps, all on a single device.

Why choose Navigator for ArcGIS?

Save money

Drive down costs by optimising routing and reducing time spent on the road.

Leverage data

Provide the same authoritative data to everyone so your operations run smoothly.

Improve reliability

Surpass expectations and build trust through consistency and reliability.


Point your drivers in the right direction

Navigator for ArcGIS minimises road time for vehicles by calculating the most efficient route for any journey. Read how the app is saving County of Pima, Arizona, almost $200,000 annually on fuel and staff costs.


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Navigator for ArcGIS requires an annual subscription and an ArcGIS organisational account.

Currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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Alternatively, call +60 (3) 5022 0122 and ask to speak with an Esri Malaysia smart transport specialist about the cost?savings Navigator for ArcGIS can generate for you.