GIS delivers new retail experience to shoppers’ smartphones

15 Jan 2014

Consumers walking past their favourite store can now receive personalised special offers, at a time – and place – that suits them. 

Thanks to the latest in Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, a customer’s location can be used to trigger ‘push notifications’ of special offers to their smartphone. 

Globally, businesses are already using the cutting-edge retail technology to trigger location-based alerts to shoppers – such as discounts or advice their favourite perfume is in stock – to encourage them to spend while they are in the vicinity of a store.

A major convenience store in the United States is using the Esri retail solution – and has seen a 10 per cent rise in sales nationwide by creating an app which customers can choose to opt into. 

Australian media network Channel Seven reports on this exciting new frontier of GIS technology for the retail sector.  

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