Malaysia’s national ICT R&D agency partners with Esri to boost national security

Nov 04, 2014

MIMOS, Esri Inc. and Esri Malaysia have signed a memorandum of understanding that will bring the government’s R&D efforts in the field of national security to new heights.

MIMOS and leading geospatial solutions providers Esri Inc. and Esri Malaysia have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will bring the government’s R&D efforts in the field of national security to new heights. 

The partnership was officiated at a ceremony held in conjunction with the National Innovation Conference and Exhibition (NICE) 2014 organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI).

Under the MoU, MIMOS and Esri will commit to collaboratively undertake research and development activities leveraging accelerated high-volume GIS analytics - using MIMOS Accelerator Library (Mi-AccLib) technology, and Integrity Platform (Mi-Trust) for GIS data leakage protection and custom-made geoprocessing tools. 


The MoU also aims to support MIMOS’ Open Innovation Platform, which involves collaborative engagements with government agencies such as the Royal Malaysian Police, the Ministry of Health, Department of Immigration, Ministry of Defence, Performance Management and Delivery Unit (PEMANDU), and Department of Survey and Mapping (JUPEM).

Furthermore, the partnership will foster proactive technology and knowledge sharing between MIMOS and Esri, by facilitating joint R&D initiatives in accelerated technologies, cyber security, and Big Data Analytics (BDA).

In addition to these core activities, both parties will also conduct training programmes to develop and harness the geospatial skill sets of the local talent pool. 

MIMOS President and CEO Datuk Abdul Wahab said technologies developed locally by MIMOS are capable of analysing high-volume geospatial information at a reduced infrastructure.

He said this capability will enable Malaysia to strengthen its defence and security agencies with the combined power of location-based technology and acceleration technology, at a low cost. 

“With this collaboration, our national security and public safety agencies can modernise operations while saving time and money on resources,” Datuk Abdul Wahab said.

“Partnering with a leading GIS company like Esri proves that MIMOS is well-positioned to capture future growth in the global marketplace,” he added. 

Esri Malaysia CEO Lai Chee Siew said the partnership would see MIMOS inspire hundreds of other organisations throughout the region.

“Through this new partnership, MIMOS can now equip organisations with access to unprecedented map-driven data and analysis, ensuring they can derive new insights and unearth patterns and trends that may otherwise remain buried in static reports and charts,” Mr Lai said.

 “We believe through this collaboration, we can empower organisations with the right tools and technology to ensure they can continue to innovate and produce impactful outcomes.”

Esri Asia Pacific General Manager Leonard Jayamohan said that the collaboration with MIMOS marks another chapter in Esri’s contribution in Malaysia.

“I am excited that now Esri will not only provide existing technologies to Malaysia but will also be involved in research and development of new home-grown technologies that will empower and improve decision-making in the country,” Mr Jayamohan said.