ArcGIS is a complete platform for authoring, sharing and using large collections of geospatial data. It is highly scalable and enterprise ready, and can be extended through apps, SDKs and APIs.

Flexible deployment options

ArcGIS can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Current architecture for many customers

Many customers are already using Esri and Google products. Enterprises use these products to publish online geospatial content and services, and consume them through desktop, web and mobile clients.

New architecture: ArcGIS alongside Google

The combined ArcGIS/Google architecture provides many benefits. It ensures business continuity and an easy migration path because it integrates well with Google products.

ArcGIS architecture

The ArcGIS platform is cloud ready, but can also run in the infrastructure of your choice. You can publish and manage large amounts of geospatial content and services, and consume them through high-performance client apps, including ArcGIS Pro, the browser-based 3D Scene Viewer, mobile devices, and other custom apps created using Esri's web APIs and mobile SDKs.