How PTPN IV is reducing costs with remote plantation monitoring

Operating across nine districts in North Sumatera, PTPN IV looked to automate manual field operations.

With over 30 business units, large-scale data collection relied on paper-based reports. Without a centralised database to synchronise insights, supervision of each district was difficult and time consuming, with COVID-19 interrupting the company’s ability to travel and verify manually collected data.

To address the challenge, PTPN IV deployed ArcGIS to remotely monitor plantations with pinpoint accuracy to ensure consistencies in plant health and fertilisation.

With the new solution, PTPN IV could review timely data on plantations and soil roads and display geospatial and tabular data on a single, centralised dashboard.

Download the case study to find out how PTPN IV uses the geospatial platform across the group’s entire agricultural network to reduce costs and streamline workflows.

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Download the case study

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