Digitally transforming telecommunications through location intelligence

Everything in telecommunications happens somewhere — getting location right is so important to help you deliver 5G and fibre to the right customer at the right location before anyone else does.

Discover advanced location technologies and telecom solution it offers with a GIS platform that will help you stay ahead.

From big data analytics to AI and from remote engineering to real-time monitoring, get started with the tools to help you grow your telecom networks. 


  • Big data analysis of past network performance to help you plan new networks
  • Spatial analytics using IoT, ML and AI for strategic planning and solutions
  • Remote engineering capabilities with 2D and 3D mapping so you can design from anywhere
  • Reduce down time with real time monitoring of network operations


Alvin Khaw
Alvin Khaw
Customer Success Manager, Team manager
Esri Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Alvin is a longstanding member of Malaysian geospatial community having built his expertise in the areas of product development support and management.

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