Replanting planning solution

With the ability to capture and share thousands of field images quickly and easily, drone technology is providing new, efficient and cost-effective ways to plan replanting and better understand land use distribution across your plantation.

In the third part of the geo-precision agriculture webinar series, discover how drone technology can be leveraged to conduct aerial surveys, visualisation and analysis.


  • Find out how drone image analysis can help you start pre-design stage planning up to a year in advance.
  • Learn how to identify and segment key land utilisation and conservation areas with aerial visualisation and analysis.
  • Explore how to predict future crop production more accurately and view total cleared and planted areas at a glance using aerial surveys.
  • Support monthly progress reports and validate contractor claims with drone imagery.


Luk Ing Ping Senior Industry Consultant, Esri Malaysia
Luk Ing Ping
Senior Consultant, Industry
Esri Malaysia
With 15+ years' experience in precision agriculture and environmental management, Luk Ing Ping has led GIS projects in government and commercial sectors.

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