Innovative transformation delivering smarter infrastructure design.

The integration of BIM and GIS - GeoBIM - is redefining possibilities for the architecture, engineering and construction sectors.

As an emerging best-practice approach to bringing the digital engineering process together, GeoBIM enables project data to be displayed in real-time via a centralised portal accessible from any device.

In this webinar, learn how project teams can optimise designs, make smarter decisions, accelerate project approvals, reduce costs and ultimately create a more resilient infrastructure - all through an open, interoperable platform.


  • Understand the industry drivers influencing the integration of BIM and GIS
  • Discover AEC workflows and get a closer look at the interoperability roadmap
  • Explore the potentials of integrating CAD and BIM with ArcGIS and discover how ArcGIS Pro handles Revit files
  • See smart city workflows using BIM and GIS and discover how web services are driving engagement

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