Use maps to Explore the world

Take your maps with you everywhere you go with Explorer for ArcGIS, a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Maps for everyone

Get Explorer for ArcGIS on your smartphone or tablet to take your GIS with you in the field. You can use data from your organization or browse for publicly available maps. Search capabilities help to find places and features such as your assets or area of study.


Use maps offline

Stay productive in remote locations by downloading the maps you need before you go. Whether you’re performing an inspection or hiking in a park, you can always have access to your maps.


Markup your map

Markup tools make it simple for you to add notations directly onto your map. Draw shapes or lines to call out areas of interest. Use text notations to provide additional details. Identify places on your map that need further review. Then, share your marked-up map with your coworkers in the field or members of your ArcGIS organisation.


To find out more about Explorer for ArcGIS, email us or call +60 (3) 5022 0122.

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