The Singapore SEA Games Organising Committee named leading geospatial solutions provider, Esri Singapore, the Official Smart Map Partner for the 28th Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games).

Esri Singapore has created a lightweight smart mapping solution designed to underpin the planning and real-time management of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the games which will integrate and analyse  information from disparate sources and present it on a dynamic map-based operational dashboard. 

The smart mapping solution will allow the committee to view the information feeds in an organised map view for better operation awareness, and make quick and informed decisions to effectively manage the rapidly changing dynamics of activities happening on the ground, including:

  • The operations and coordination of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies;
  • Potential crowd safety risks and on-the-ground issues; and,
  • Traffic conditions around the Singapore Sports Hub.

Furthermore, it will also provide the committee with a collaborative platform making it easier for on-ground personnel to communicate with the Command Post and vice versa.

Traditionally, an event’s Command Post relies on time-consuming processes to organise and communicate critical aspects of the event across various stakeholders.

With smart mapping, the Command Post and on-ground personnel are provided with greater situational awareness of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the capability to confidently make decisions instantly.

COL Michael Ma, Deputy Chairman of Opening and Closing Ceremonies said, “We are pleased to have Esri Singapore come on board as a 28th SEA Games sponsor. As hosts of the 28th SEA Games, we want to provide all athletes and spectators with a great experience. The smart maps developed by Esri Singapore will enhance our effectiveness in making well-informed decisions. This will facilitate the smooth conduct of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.”

Esri Singapore Chief Executive Officer, Thomas Pramotedham, said running the 28th SEA Games Opening & Closing Ceremonies requires impeccable operational planning to ensure the  region’s largest multi-sport event goes off without a hitch.

“With smart mapping, the committee will have the capability to understand and anticipate incidents and respond quickly with effective interventions by deploying the right resources to the right place at the right time,” he said. “The 28th SEA Games is a momentous event for Singapore. We are proud to be the Official Smart Map Partner and look forward to working closely with the committee to ensure everyone has an enjoyable event experience.”

The Committee will leverage the same Geographic Information System (GIS) technology used to support the planning and operational activities of many of the world’s leading law enforcement agencies, military and smart cities. Additionally, the technology has been used in similar large scale events such as the Baltimore Grandprix Circuit, Super Bowl, and Salt Lake Olympics. 

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