Geospatial technology enhances system and operations for Pipeline Asset Management.

Esri Malaysia is pleased to announce that Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) is the winner of the Esri Special Achievement in Geographic Information System (SAG) Award 2020. 

The award recognises the successful application of Geographic Information System (GIS) in PETRONAS’ Pipeline Asset Management project which has enabled PETRONAS to gather and visualize more than 20 layers of spatial and non-spatial data. The data is integrated in a single database with a centralised platform to deliver pipeline inspection, data integrity and maintenance more efficiently with less on-site visits. The geospatial technology has benefited PETRONAS by allowing seamless workflows resulting in significant productivity boost, greater collaboration and quick decision-making. 

GIS has been widely used in PETRONAS group of companies since 2006 in Exploration, Development, Production & Operations, Engineering & Facilities, including Maintenance and Monitoring areas via GIS mapping or visualization tool. 

“By integrating the GIS technology into existing operations in various industries it also helps organizations to collate all data from various sources and channel them into a unified  platform to create a calculated alternatives in different scenarios before concluding to a decision,” said CS Tan, Chief Executive Officer, Esri Malaysia. 

Since 1985, Esri Malaysia has been helping government agencies and corporations to translate their data into maps that help their organisations to make better decisions based on the calculated alternatives analysed from the ArcGIS solution. “Every organisation collects different types of information and data from their daily operations. The unique capabilities of ArcGIS use the location-based analytics that suit your business and operations. The maps created on the platform can be viewed, accessed and shared via dashboard reports that are updated frequently to give real-time analysis,” Tan added. 

“Imagine the possibilities that your organisation can achieve when fully utilising your data and maps collated from your day-to-day operations while preparing for future strategies to improve your performance. We aim to work with more organisations that collect a lot of location-based information and begin the journey towards a smarter community where businesses and individuals thrive with advanced technology,” Tan said again.

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