Utilities across the Asia-Pacific region are taking advantage of advanced location-based analytics to fuel efficiencies, ensure workforce safety and deliver a more reliable electricity service.

Experts believe the use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in the energy sector is only going to grow, as utilities are faced with an increasingly demanding competitive landscape.

Esri Singapore CEO Thomas Pramotedham discussed this trend for Position Magazine.

“The global utility industry is facing unprecedented change brought about by a variety of factors, such as government regulations, changing consumer expectations, an ageing workforce and natural disasters, among others,” he said.

“Despite such risks, using dynamic tools such as GIS allows organisations to respond to unique challenges, manage the risks, and also strategically plan for the future ahead.

“GIS is literally transforming utilities, and we’ll keep seeing more exciting innovations within this sector as players in the industry continue to empower decision-making with location technology.”

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