Tariro Taneka

Technology Adoption Lead
Esri Australia, Brisbane

With a passion for helping users through their journey to implement new technologies, Tariro (Ta to her friends and colleagues) is part of Esri Australia's Client Success team, developing and creating technology adoption programs that speak directly to, and resonate with, GIS audiences.

When asked what she most enjoys about her role, Ta says: "Seeing people connect with the value of spatial – and literally watching minds open..."

Her experience in client services, technical support, solutions engineering, and training have afforded her a unique vernacular which enables her to connect with and speak genuinely and authentically with users.

Ta has built her expertise in the areas of best-practice urban and environmental solutions, as well as customer and market research and has taught a range of beginner and intermediate training courses, and presented popular webinar sessions - such as ArcGIS Pro.

As a passionate technology advocate – and humanist – Ta works tirelessly to support Australia's leading agencies and government departments to connect the dots in ways previously unimagined.

Ta shares her experiences, expertise and enthusiasm for geographic thinking on Australia's premier spatial industry podcast, GIS Directions.  

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