Building resilient communities with GIS

The fast-paced change taking place in our communities today is creating several challenges such as overpopulation, climate change and conflict that is impacting infrastructure, environment and our economic capacity. 

These stress factors are affecting the potential of our communities to thrive and grow in a safe and healthy place where citizens can succeed.

Find out how communities can build resilience to minimise the inevitable impact of these change factors and how a they can respond faster when overpopulation starts stressing on existing infrastructures with GIS.

  • Understand the importance of resilience
  • Discover how GIS empowers and validates resilient design
  • Read how GIS delivers coordinated emergency responses
  • Find out how to address housing blight with GIS

To find out more about GIS in safe communities, call +60 (3) 5022 0122 or view more resources.

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