Configuring Web Apps Using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

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What is this course about?

Learn how to easily create intuitive, focused web apps that are accessible on desktop and mobile devices, without writing any code. This course shows how to take advantage of existing web maps, themes, and widgets to build apps that feature your organisation's branding and deliver the functionality your users require. Designed for GIS professionals and other knowledge workers who want to create web applications to share web maps and other geospatial content and Developers interested in creating custom widgets and themes.

Course details


MYR1,007.00 (includes tax)


Shah Alam


1 day




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Are there any prerequisites?

  • Publisher or Administrator role in an ArcGIS Online for Organisation
  • Completion of ArcGIS Online for Organisations: Publisher Workflows

What skills will I learn?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Plan a web app's design based on the audience and required functionality
  • Configure themes and widgets to meet web app requirements
  • Evaluate web app design and functionality on virtual devices
  • Publish a web app

What can I expect?

  • Course topics

    What is Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS?

    • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS in the ArcGIS platform
    • Components of a web app
    • Identify the components of a web app
    • Workflow to build a web app using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
    • Create your first web app
    • Create a web app using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

    App design considerations with widgets

    • App design considerations: functionality
    • How does your organisation use branding
    • Web map configuration
    • What are widgets?
    • Working with widgets
    • Add widgets to Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
    • Widget functionality
    • Configuring an advanced widget

    Testing and deploying web apps

    • Adding metadata to your web app
    • Testing and deploying
    • Test and deploy your web app

    Extending web apps with the Developer Edition

    • App design strategies: custom widgets
    • Adding third-party widgets with the Developer Edition
    • Esri resources for custom widgets
    • Adding an existing custom widget
    • Extending your web app

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