A seamless collaboration through GIS and BIM integration

The fusion of BIM and GIS provides the power to build a robust context model where geographic information and infrastructure design data are brought together, helping you to better understand how assets interact within the context of a real place and geography.

To do just that, Esri and Autodesk are working together to provide an environment where GIS professionals and designers and engineers can collaborate across the project life cycle by integrating GIS and BIM.

This move towards frictionless interoperability will not only help the two technologies work seamlessly together, but also enable a more connected workflow, helping to deliver increasingly complex projects in less time.

From fast-tracking a Norwegian railway high speed rail extension project to identifying flood-risk areas in the city of Paris through a 3D contextual model, this e-book also showcases how this integration has proved invaluable and innovative.

Learn just how GIS and BIM integration is creating a future of more resilient and sustainable infrastructure, and thriving environments for our growing cities and populations – download this e-book now.

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