The ArcGIS 10.8.1 release provides new possibilities and enhancements throughout the platform including new features for mapping, analytics, and sharing workflows — all in a redesigned portal user experience. Learn what's new for each major product in the pull-down highlights sections below.

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ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1

Each release of ArcGIS Enterprise expands on the software’s key areas including mapping, analytics, data management, and Web GIS.

Highlights of the latest release include new administrative settings, data publishing options, apps, updates to ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, as well as additional enhancements throughout the product.

See below for more details about the major updates.

ArcGIS 10.8.1


    Administration: Explore administrative enhancements that have been added in this release including automated email configuration and license expiration notices to ensure licenses remain current and up to date. 

    User Interface: View and update account settings and profile information via an updated UI. 

    Licensing: Set automatic default add-on license assignments and group member defaults for new members.

    Version management: Designate members who are not Portal administrators as version administrators who can make corrections in a version when completing quality assurance reviews. 

    Synchronise bulk publishing: Publish ArcGIS Server map image layers and feature layers in bulk and synchronize metadata and schema updates to add or remove layers based on access permissions. 

    Migration: Migrate content that’s been shared to a group between different ArcGIS Enterprise portals — a useful feature for moving content from development to staging to production environments or even between two disconnected environments. 

    Data, publishing and services: Configure data storage items for existing databases and file share data stores; publish hosted feature layers to your portal; and archive high volume, real-time observation data. 

    Maps and apps: Discover the next-gen Map Viewer — available in beta — with new symbols, pop-ups and filters; DPI options for printing and new Smart Mapping options including Dot Density Style. 

    Group management tools: Customise group management using new options in Enterprise portal — including privacy and permission settings. 

    Server roles: Schedule automated notebook execution from within the notebook editor in Portal and automate recurring data workflows using the new features and updates for server roles.

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ArcGIS Pro 2.6

The latest release of ArcGIS Pro, Esri’s powerful, feature-packed desktop software, is jam-packed with more that 150+ enhancements and ideas from ArcGIS Pro users.

Find out more in the pull-down menu below.

ArcGIS 2.6


    Voxel Layers: Create 3D volumetric visualisations from netCDF data to help understand complex multidimensional data such as atmospheric data, oceanic data and underground geology models. 

    Trace Networks: Manage, analyse and work with simple connectivity models such as rail or hydro in ArcGIS Pro using the new trace network feature to model the flow of resources throughout a network.

    Interactive suitability analysis: Create refined suitability models for community facilities and commercial developments with a dynamic, exploratory environment of interacting panes, plots and maps.

    Graphics Layers: Manually modify or create graphic elements or convert feature labels into a graphic layer to adjust text placement — expanding the flexibility and usability of your maps.  

    Parcel adjustment: Run least-squares adjustments on parcel data to validate new parcel records, confirm spatial accuracy, and update parcel fabric point coordinates.

    GeoAnalytics Desktop: Aggregate and analyse collections of files as a single dataset using big data connections available in GeoAnalytics Desktop Tools and ArcGIS Pro. 

    To find out more about ArcGIS Pro, watch the demos in this webinar, email
    or call a product specialist on +60 (3) 5022 0122.

ArcGIS Online

The latest release of ArcGIS Online adds several useful new features and enhancements including the introduction of new and improved sharing, updated settings, new organisational notices and more.

See below for highlights of the features included in the latest release.



    New homepage editor: Design and build modern and responsive landing pages for your ArcGIS Online website using the new component-based homepage editor.

    ArcGIS Notebooks: Leverage advanced analytics with spatial algorithms and open-source Python using ArcGIS Notebooks — no longer in beta and now available for all ArcGIS Online organisations.

    Configurable apps: Publish apps quickly using new configuration experiences now available for ArcGIS Configurable Apps that support a variety of users and workflows and provide the fastest and easiest path from map to shareable app. 

    Accounts and administration: Create and export detailed reports on your ArcGIS Online organisation’s members and items and for review and analysis.

    Map viewer: Create and display your imagery on the web and decide how images are presented on your map. Explore shaded relief and colour map renders for dynamic imagery display.

    Map viewer Beta: Experience enhanced map authoring workflows with the next-gen map viewer — designed to inspire experimentation and creativity.

    Spatial analysis: Transfer attributes from one layer or table to another — based on spatial and attribute relationships — and calculate statistics for joined features. 

    Data management: Control the types of updates editors can make – allow edits to feature geometry and attributes on some layers and allow only attribute edits on others. 

    Geocoding: Apply more accurate and appropriate locations for any address using the World Geocoding service.

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ArcGIS Experience Builder

ArcGIS Experience Building empowers you to quickly transform your data into compelling web experiences for a variety of audiences, across browsers and devices — with no coding required. Control your layout and design elements for map-centric and non-map-centric apps.  

Below are highlights of the latest features.

ArcGIS Experience Builder


    Build an experience: Build single and multi-page apps to display on a fixed or scrolling screen in just a few easy steps. 

    Experience gallery: Display all experiences that have been created and shared and use the gallery to view, edit or change experiences. 

    Template gallery: Access default templates, your own templates as well as public templates and those shared with you. 

    Widgets: Explore basic and layout widgets performing as app tools and act as the containers that help organise widgets. 

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ArcGIS Image Analyst

ArcGIS Image Analyst is designed for analysts, scientists, and photogrammetrists and delivers an advantage when working with image processing, interpretation, exploitation, analysis and the creation of information products from remotely sensed data.

Learn more about the features of this extension in the pull-down menu below.



    Improved deep learning: Natively train deep learning models using geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS Pro, enable seamless end-to-end workflows and get a better user experience when reviewing deep learning results. 

    Enhancements to raster functions: Discover ten new raster functions have been added, including distance, multidimensional and hydro, enabling analysts to design and run targeted workflows for distance modelling, hydrological modelling and multidimensional analysis.

    Improvements to FMV: Manage and interactively use video with embedded geospatial metadata to improve your motion video.

    Enhancement to Arcpy API: Automate geocoding workflows and leverage new capabilities that allow for multidimensional raster processing. 

    Improvements to multidimensional analysis: The multidimensional analysis toolset has three new geoprocessing tools (Find Argument Statistics, Generate Trend Raster, and Predict Using Trend Raster). 

    Pixel Editor enhancements: Customise processing and apply a raster processing template to a selected region using new operations that have been added to the Pixel Editor.

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ArcGIS StoryMaps

Create inspiring, immersive stories by combining text, interactive maps, and other multimedia content. StoryMaps continues to evolve with improvements to enhance your experience when telling stories with maps.  

Below are details about the latest features.

ArcGIS StoryMaps


    Audio: Add a new dimension to your stories – add inline audio, ambient sound, or set the mood for your readers with background audio (beta). 

    Swipe: Compare two maps using the new swipe block with options such as the ability to disable navigation or show map legends. 

    Drag and drop immersives: Relocate entire immersive sections within your story by simply dragging and dropping. 

    Collections: Create tabbed or bulleted collections in your StoryMap using new layouts that are useful for driving presentations that group several stories together as chapters or bundling a set of ArcGIS apps and other resources together. 

    To find out more about ArcGIS StoryMaps email or call a product specialist on +60 (3) 5022 0122.

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