Explore the Directions LIVE 2020 agenda

Directions LIVE 2020 delivers a day of inspirational local GIS user stories and a first look at the latest developments in ArcGIS.



  • Digital transformation solutions for local government | Alvin Khaw, Senior Consultant, Esri Malaysia

    Local and state governments can leverage a suite of business continuity solutions that include key capabilities and applications that address common government workflows and processes. Explore workforce applications and see the benefits of leveraging the visualisation tools of dashboards to monitor government activities, monitor staff health and support the management of daily operations. This session will also demonstrate how safety and compliance officers can leverage facility status apps to monitor local government facilities.

  • Enhance your insights with data visualisation & collection | Nur Farhana Jafri, Consultant, Esri Malaysia

    In today’s connected world, we are exposed to massive volumes of data on a daily basis, hence understanding what this data means and interpreting it accurately is the key. Discover the latest ArcGIS tools and apps that you can use to visualise and even collect your own data; and see how you can derive valuable information from it to keep your stakeholders informed and connected.

  • Introducing ArcGIS Experience Builder | Amir Faisal, Consultant, Esri Malaysia

    Part of the Esri Geospatial Cloud and built into ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Experience Builder empowers you to quickly transform your data into compelling web apps without writing a single line of code. Discover how you can create immersive map centric and non-map centric applications that can run on the web, integrate with other ArcGIS Apps, and work with both 2D and 3D data to deliver agile web apps that support your decision-making processes.

  • Geo-Precision Agriculture: Tools for smarter, predictive farming | Luk Ing Ping, Senior Consultant, Esri Malaysia

    Go behind the scenes of the digital transformation that is currently unfolding in the agriculture and plantation sectors and see how connected information is key to effective plantation operation. Explore Esri Malaysia’s latest Geo-Precision Agriculture Solution and find out how you can jumpstart your journey towards smart farming with production trends, future insights and learning from past mistakes.

  • Real-time situational awareness | Azlina Mahad, Lead Consultant, Esri Malaysia

    Real-time GIS and situational awareness give you the ability to simultaneously integrate, analyse, and display streaming data from many sensors, devices, and social media feeds. Take a closer look at the data workflows, resources, templates and ready-to-use apps for emergency management that help you understand the impact of an incident on public infrastructure and human populations. Discover how to integrate authoritative, reliable, and current real-time information for effective emergency preparedness and rapid response.

  • 10 steps for better disaster preparedness | Wan Mohamad Nazmeen, Consultant, Esri Malaysia

    Agencies around the world are using ArcGIS to plan for and mitigate complex threats and hazards and coordinate response and recovery efforts when disasters occur. Discover how to support emergency management and disaster response efforts and create safer, less vulnerable communities. This session will help you develop a deeper understanding of risk and how to maintain real-time data insights to prepare for what’s to come.


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