In the pursuit of project and operations success, no organisation can afford to leave anything to chance.

That’s why it’s vital to have a clear and concise view of all your data and activity, whether within your organisation or out in the field. In this free webinar, you’ll learn how this can be done all on a single screen, with all relevant information presented in an easy-to-read format.

By facilitating understanding quickly and easily, you’ll be able to make decisions, visualise trends, monitor status in real-time, and ensure transparency between all departments and stakeholders – all at a glance.


  • Create dashboards with a robust suite of data visualisation tools, including maps, lists, charts, and gauges, that are ready to use
  • Configure and streamline dashboards to specific audiences, events, and situations with multiple structure and design options
  • Provide dynamic and interactive results as users explore your data through linked dashboard elements
  • Pull in external content and integrate with other web apps to fit your needs and resources

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