Connect with Esri at the MPOB International Palm Oil Congress and Exhibition

Any plantation can map its lots, fields and boundaries. But can your map give insight on your crop’s lifecycle? Better yet, does your map help you optimise your workforce in the field? How about a map that helps you protect your crops by predicting threats before they can occur?

Esri maps do that and much more.

Stop by the Esri Malaysia booth located at booth #236 & 237 to learn how cutting-edge Geographic Information System (GIS) technology can help explore smarter ways to manage your operations, increase your crop yield, and achieve greater profitability. 

Lightning Talks

The Esri Malaysia booth has exciting things in store for everyone at PIPOC. Make sure you drop by our booth to witness our lightning talks. Seats are limited so we encourage you to arrive early. 

One View Dashboard for Plantation Management

Understand what your data is telling you. Get a clear picture of your plantation operations by integrating all your data – no matter the size, complexity and source – and visualising them on a single dynamic mapping platform to achieve complete operational awareness.

ArcGIS GeoAI Location Analytics for Competitive Advantage

Use Artificial Intelligence to study trends, analyse patterns and predict risks to your production before they can occur.

Replanting using Drone2Map

Turning drone collections into authoritative images and 3D models for planning and monitoring on oil palm replanting activities


  • Learn how you can achieve complete operational awareness by having a one view dashboard that visualises your plantation data
  • Learn how you can empower your mobile workforce with field applications to help them perform accurate data collection
  • Discover how you can turn your drone into a powerful productivity tool
  • Learn how you can use Artificial Intelligence to predict risks, uncover patterns and trends that would otherwise remain buried


Wan Mohd Firdaus headshot
Firdaus Asri
Industry Consultant Team Manager
Esri Malaysia
As Esri Malaysia's Lead Consultant, Firdaus Asri assists clients with the development of customised solutions to solve their unique issues.
Md Afif Abu Bakar
Md Afif Abu Bakar
Senior Industry Consultant
Esri Malaysia
Md Afif Abu Bakr has a particular interest in remote sensing and helping clients best use geospatial technology to drive organisational outcomes.

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