Rapidly deployable apps for a smarter city

The Local Government Jumpstart Program is a set of modules designed to help local governments rapidly deploy focused GIS applications to support critical workflows and provide a 360-degree view of city operations and KPIs.

Developed based on an extensive working relationship with Malaysian local governments and a familiarity with their respective department workflows, the Jumpstart Program seamlessly integrates into operations to ensure efficient rapid deployment.

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The Local Government Jumpstart Program includes the following modules:

Lot Parcel Finder

Used by field officers from any device, at any time and from anywhere, the Lot Parcel Finder helps identify land parcels on site or at the planning submission and verification stage.

This reduces the time needed to find lot information from days to minutes and helps improve decision making and enhances the efficiency of data management.

Lot Parcel Finder card

Tax Collection Dashboard

Optimise tax collection with a comprehensive view of your operation at any time from anywhere.

The module monitors and analyses areas where tax collection can be optimised and can be scaled for an automated and seamless integration.

Tax Collection Dashboard card

Real-time Asset Management

Use dashboards to combine authoritative asset inventory with business process applications to analyse, optimise and maintain a real-time view of your asset network.

Instantly determine the location and progress of ongoing maintenance in local government areas and prioritise inspections and work-order activities.

Real-time Asset Management card

My Government Service

My Government Service module allows citizens to find nearby local facilities and government services available to them, delivering a convenient service and improving their quality of life.

It also increases opportunity for community engagement as government initiatives can be made public to demonstrate transparency and accountability so that everyone can watch a project take shape and see it in context of the community.

My Government Service card

City Profiler

Keep the public informed and engaged by presenting government initiatives using data, text, images, multimedia content and map-based visualisations.

Deliver better visualisations of government strategy to the public and create communities that are inclusive, sustainable and prosperous.

City Profiler card

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