Growing sales with precision

When retailers don't understand the demographic makeup of the markets they serve, they miss out on both profits and customer satisfaction - those taking a location-driven approach are setting themselves up for better decision-making. 

Discover how location analytics can help retailers make strategic business decisions when it comes to market planning, site selection, merchandising and store operations. 


  • Get insight into why some stores perform better than others and how to identify optimal store locations.
  • Make data-driven decisions by combining location and property cost data with information on prospective customers.
  • Personalise merchandise by location and meet customer expectations and needs.
  • Use dashboards to get the full picture of your operations.


Alvin Khaw
Alvin Khaw
Customer Success Manager, Team manager
Esri Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Alvin is a longstanding member of Malaysian geospatial community having built his expertise in the areas of product development support and management.

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